PA Book Review with Seal of Excellence on “Hislam”

Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace by Dr. E. Douglass Brown  is an in-depth look at what happens in religions when human worship is focused on  practices and doctrine that was never specifically revealed or authorized by God. Dr.  Brown does not suggest that this is a problem in Islam as the word “Hislam” might  insuiguate. Instead, he maintains that various religions, denominations, superstitions,  and even cultural ideologies fall under the corruption that the term “Hislam” refers to,  essential the distortion and manipulation of spiritual truth. Brown examines how these  beliefs have strayed from what is found in the scripture of multiple religious texts  including the Bible and the Quran. Throughout the book he uses scriptures to support  the existence of God and identify the truth set forth by God from which so many  religions have steered away from whether advertently or inadvertently. Dr. Brown  leaves no stone unturned in his search for true spiritual doctrine. Within the pages of  Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace, Dr. Brown examines  everything from clothing traditions to religious symbols to professional clerics and even  the practice of celibacy. His research is both in depth, detailed, and extensive covering a  plethora of topics. 

Dr. Brown begins Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace with a  detailed look at proof from major religions that God and His divine instruction does  exist. The author closely examines a variety of scriptures and religious texts to provide  evidence that many seeking spiritual beliefs and experience needs in their own  journeys. After providing evidence for God and spiritual truth, the book is then divided  into chapters that looks carefully at various religions and how those denominations  have moved away from practices and doctrines revealed specifically by God. Some  of those errors occurred simply from mistranslations while others are the result of oral  traditions being passed down. One can also surmise that some groups have strayed 

from the truth by participating in practices not sanctioned by God to bring more people  to the religion. Dr. Brown also examines the consequences of a group that does not  seek genuine spiritual truth. 

The book is written in a straightforward tone that is easy to follow for most. While it is  written in an academic style, Dr. Brown routinely uses relatable analogies that help  readers to understand the premises and context in which his research is focused.  While the subject matter might be considered both deep and difficult, Dr. Brown’s  writing style does not make it feel that way. Even the casual reader or new religious  scholar will find Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace palatable.  Those who do not subscribe to religious beliefs or practices will also find his writing to  be relatable and easy to understand without previous doctrinal experience.  

It is obvious that Dr. Brown’s faith has played a clear role in his research. He is able  to articulate the message of God and identify how it has been disregarded by so many  groups sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. His analysis is impressive and will  leave readers eager to continue their own faith journey and learn more about spiritual  truth and doctrine that Dr. Brown believes was specifically and divinely revealed by  God. 

The novel is very clean and has been well proofread and edited. The book is well  formatted and transitions between chapters are clear and easy to follow as well. Dr.  Brown’s research shines clearly throughout the chapters with excellent formatting of  scriptural quotations and extensive notes at the end of each chapter. He has made it  easy for readers to verify the information that he is sharing through further research  and references. Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace is well  organized which readers will appreciate. The division of chapters into specific religions  as well as more extensive conclusions in the final chapters provides ways for readers  to specifically find the religion and information that they are looking for or are most  interested in.  

This book comes highly recommended for those who have an interest in various  religions and spiritual doctrine. Readers who are questioning their own faith or the  practices they are witnessing in church groups close to them will also find the  knowledge and information shared by Dr. Brown in this book is invaluable to their own  spiritual journey. Truth seekers, historical readers, and religious scholars will  appreciate Dr. Brown’s extensive research. 

An eloquently written analysis of religious practice and doctrine, Dr. Brown expertly  weaves his research into a narrative that is easy to follow. With a plethora of included  resources and citations, readers will be able to take what they have learned from this  highly informative book and continue to research spiritual distortion in modern  religious practices on their own. Hislam: Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual  Peace will captivate many audiences.