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Corrupt Religion and the Search for Spiritual Peace

With the first intentional distortion of Divinely revealed spiritual truth, Hislam emerged. Hislam refers to the introduction, acceptance, and practice of religious beliefs and practices never revealed and authorized by God… Many current practices and doctrines in the three monotheistic religions divert you from the right path.

Genuine faith and belief in God are never based on irrational unreasonable, doctrines, beliefs, and practices. God endowed us with brains, senses, and intelligence. We should use these faculties in the search for truth.

Many academics view religion as anti-intellectual and antithetical to scientific inquiry…Misguided intellectuals cavalierly dismiss spiritual truths and dismiss the reality of a moral universe. Elevating a disjointed concept of science, such individuals focus only on phenomena that they can physically sense. If they cannot see it, smell it, taste it, dissect it, monitor it, count it, or measure it, it is nonexistent for them.

Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Yearning
The Role of Spirituality in Pyschological Health

The relationship between personality development, psychospiritual well-being, and God-consciousness has always been of deep value to the faithful among humanity. Despite pervasive assaults of materialism, secularism, and atheism, the inherent human yearning for spiritual realization has not abated. The idea that spirituality has no place in personality development is baseless.

There is ample experiential and scientific evidence that human beings are hardwired for a spiritual quest… As a psychospiritual creature, a human being is more than his or her physical carriage that consists of a body, brain, senses, and appetites.

The destiny that personality naturally tends toward is to know what its origin is. We are spiritual salmon making our way upstream in the waters of physical life. Unlike real salmon, many human beings forget the purpose of the human journey. Regardless of doctrinal identification, anyone who transcends the veils of satisfaction with less than truth realizes that human beings have a lofty spiritual nature.